Bomanite of East Tennessee

Bomanite of East Tennessee, Inc. has been the leader and innovator of specialty concrete in the East Tennessee area since 1974. Over the past 30 years, Bomanite of East Tennessee has continualy strived for excellence. Since the beginning, we have grown our business through hard work and determination. More products are now offered through Bomanite, which in turn keeps us up to date with the current trends and more involved with technical training. Our products include Stamped Concrete, Patene Artectura, Micro-Top, Concrete Polishing, and Grasscrete.

Qualtiy and satisfaction are our main goal at Bomanite of East Tennessee. We feel that we have an obligation to please every customer to our fullest potential. Our products are a reflection of our work and they are seen on a daily basis by clients and prospective customers. Through training and education, our staff has a higher regard for a job well done and for being accountable for their work. At Bomanite of East Tennessee, Inc. we feel that we are a hands on team. Management, sales, marketing, and installation crews are all involved in the aspects of every job.

Bomanite of East Tennessee, Inc. has the ability to develop, design, and install your ideas and make them a reality. We will work with you to develop a product that meets your needs and also is very appealing to showcase. We can tackle projects that renge from renovating a new home to the construction of an entire shopping center.

Bomanite of East Tennessee, Inc. has limitless opportunities for you. Give us a try and we know you'll be happy.

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Bomanite of East Tennessee
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